Book Hunters in Brief #152: Mickey Mouse's 88th Birthday

He's the original mouse that roared, and built an empire. From his beginnings as Steamboat Willie, he now has his four-fingered, white-gloved hand in some very lucrative pies ranging from the four-letter TV sports behemoth to far-flung amusement complexes in places like Paris and Hong Kong.

Even with a prodigious imagination like Walt Disney's, it is hard to imagine he dared to imagine his little flickering, black and white rodent would be so phenomenally successful.

So, let's all raise a cup of Ovaltine to Mickey on the occasion of his 88th birthday.

For adults
The Art of Walt Disney by Christopher Finch
Disney: The First 100 Years by Dave Smith
Why? Because We Still Like You: An Oral History of the Mickey Mouse Club by Jennifer Armstrong

For kids
Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson
Cartooning by Chris Hart
Who was Walt Disney? by Whitney Stewart

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