Book Hunters in Brief #73: Mother's Day

Mothers. If we all weren't born with one, someone would have had to invent them. Who else would have put up with your terrible twos and your even terrible-er teens? Who else would remind you to put on your helmet every single, solitary time you got on your bike, so that on the one occasion you really needed it, you had it on? Who else would have read Honey Bunny Funnybunny to you every night for a month and a half when you were three without complaint?

Tell me. Who else would do all those things and love you all the same?  No one, but Mom.

This week, Harris County Public Library's Book Hunters salute all the moms out there with these great children's books.

Ramona and Her Mother by Beverly Cleary

Soup Day by Melissa Iwai

Hero Mom by Melinda Hardin & Bryan Langdo

Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Mama Says: A Book of Love for Mothers and Sons by Rob D. Walker

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

Remember that Book Hunters will find you great reads for any occasion, and more importantly, for no occasion at all--just because you don't know what to read next.