Book Hunters in Brief #98: Books for Citizenship Month

Most of us cannot imagine pulling up stakes and leaving behind the only family, friends and language we have ever known (not to mention favorite foods and television shows) to start a new life in a new country. But people all over the world do it everyday--many at considerable risk.

The additional step of becoming a citizen of the adoptive country is itself a momentous one. It's like going all-in on poker hand. It takes guts. It takes faith and it takes work. In other words--it takes the kind of people who made and continue to make this country great.

Book Hunters salute all of our new and prospective citizens. Welcome!

Vietnamerica: A Family’s Journey by GB Tran  

My New American Life by Francine Prose   

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol     

The Orange Houses by Paul Griffin 

I Pledge Allegiance by Pat Mora 

Same Sun Here by Silas House 

If you know someone who is ready to take the step, Harris County Public Library offers free citizenship classes, as well as our award-winning Book Hunters (your personal reading consultants).