Book Hunters Gear Up for TEEN READ WEEK 2014, Oct 12 - 18

BHiB 43 Teen Read WeekNext week, October 12 - 18, is Teen Read Week 2014 and HCPL's Book Hunters are on board. TRW is a national initiative created by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. By "regular readers," YALSA means people who read for pleasure and not only because they "have to." You see, eventually the homework assignments are going to stop coming, but the benefits of reading will keep growing over a lifetime.

Book Hunters' sole purpose is to match readers of any age with books that reflect their interests, their passions, and their tastes. It's fast, it's easy, it's online, and it's free to get a reading list all your own.

Just visit us, answer a few simple questions about what you like and don't like in a book, and in no time at all, a customized list of reading suggestions will drop into your email inbox.

Here are a few suggestions to take out for a test run:

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

With Courage and Cloth by Ann Bausum

The Year We Were Famous by Carole Estby Dagg

Going Over by Beth Kephart

Want more?

Teen Read Week Programs


And finally, this, from the No-One-Asked-But-We'll-Say-It-Anyway Department:

Do you want to know the best way to encourage your teen to read? By reading. You can tell your kids how great reading is until the cows come home and start redecorating, but if they never see you, yourself, reading, it won't do much good.

You know what else? If all your teen wants to read is comic novels, or books about romantically-conflicted vampires and you would rather they read Great Expectations (because that is, after all, what you have for your child: great expectations), please, just keep it to yourself. Really. Reading is reading and it has a way of making us grow and change for the better. Eventually, your teen might get around to Dickens, and if not, it is no big deal. Reading is reading. Really. 

What are you waiting for? Drop by Book Hunters now! It only takes a few minutes, and did we mention it's free?