Books as art, part 1

So. Today's entry is about one of my favorite artists: Hiroe Nakata. She illustrates with watercolors. Sometimes she also uses gouache (which is basically a thicker watercolor) or ink.

Most of the characters she paints are humans, but she's done three duck books.

duck skates Are those ducks cute, or what?

So almost everyone has some watercolors at home, but I'm pretty sure Hiroe buys hers at an art supply store, not Walgreen's or Kroger.

Hiroe always puts cute little details in her illustrations. For example, in Tell me my story, Mama, there are baby birds in a nest outside a window, and on the page where they're going to the hospital, the mom's hat has blown off in the snowstorm--or the cat on everypage in Everything is different at Nonna's house while the little boy is at Nonna's house.

One of my favorite illustrations is in Duck Skates. After a busy day of playing in the snow and ice skating, the ducks come home to warm cozy house, eat cake and pie, and then curl up in front of a warm fire. You can tell by Hiroe's painting that the house is warm and cozy. She uses oranges and yellows to create the warmth radiating from the fire and warming the whole room. Looking at this picture you just makes you feel like fixing up a cup of hot chocolate and knitting a cute hat like those ducks wear.