Books as Art, pt 2

More watercolors. Another of my favorite artists is Marc Simont.

He won the Caldecott medal in 1957 for A Tree is Nice. All the pictures in this book are not in color. It was too expensive back then to do every picture in color, so publishers just printed every other spread in color when they made picture books.

Marc Simont illustrated all the Nate the Great books. He's done pictures for other beginning readers, science books, picture books, poetry books,...even chapter books.  in the year of the boar and jackie robinson 

The Stray Dog is one of my favorite picture books. I like the way Marc does some scenes without filling in all the background--like on the second page of the story--just the family around the picnic table and a bush. And when the family is leaving the park - there's no background painted, but it still feels dark by the way he has painted the headlights on the car and the family blurred behind the windshield.

--back to that page where we first see the dog-- Look at the expression on that dog. That is the look of a "scared but intrigued by the smell of hot dogs" dog. And who'd a thunk paper plates and corn on the cob could be painted with watercolors.

tree is nice ant plays bear the philharmonic gets dressed goose that almost got cooked  playing right field stray dog