One of my favorite authors is Pat Conroy.  I have always enjoyed letting him carry me away on the stories he writes.  I get wrapped up in the characters and the story itself.  Many of the people in his books are people I feel I know or have met in my life.

Pat Conroy is passionate about his work.  You can feel the passion as you read his books.  In reading his latest book I find he is passionate about reading, books, libraries, stories and the people who write them.   He shares how his mother influenced him from an early age to read.  Certain teachers encouraged him to read.  Libraries gave him access to read.

His life was changed by books and authors, helping him become the writer he is today. 

I wonder what kind of influence  J.K. Rowling has had on a whole generation of young people who were swept away by the magic Harry Potter and the realization that they could actually read a book with over 30 pages.  I wonder what the next book they chose was. 

Books can be life changing.  The thrill of reading books is free… at the library.