Books for Horse Lovers


So here are a few newer horse books for everyone who's already read the classics Black Beauty, National Velvet, and  The Black Stallion, and all those horsey series books.

Star Gazer by Chris Platt: Jordan's new horse Star Gazer has been neglected and has a lot to overcome, but nevertheless Jordan vows to beat Star Gazer's former owner in the state championships at the end of the summer.

Racing Home by Adele Dueck  In 1908, twelve-year-old Erik faces the challenges of adapting to pioneer life on the Canadian prairie, including saving an injured horse.

Ghetto Cowboy by Greg Neri : Twelve-year-old Cole's behavior causes his mother to drive him from Detroit to Philadelphia to live with a father he has never known, but who soon has Cole involved with a group of African-American "cowboys" who rescue horses and use them to steer youths away from drugs and gangs.

Highway Robbery by Kate Thompson : On a cold day in 1700s England, a poor young boy agrees to watch a stranger's fine horse for a golden guinea but soon finds himself in a quandry when the king's guard appears and wants to use him as bait in their pursuit of a notorious highwayman. Is this the horse of the infamous Dick Turpin?

The Island Horse by Susan Hughes: When Ellie's father gets a job on Sable Island, she must say farewell to her beloved home and her mother's grave. Will the idea of seeing the wild horses that roam the island can ease her pain of leaving?

Farm Boy: the sequel to War Horse by Michael Morpurgo: For years Joey was a war horse, pulling ambulance carts and artillery through the battlefields of World War I. Finally he returned to Albert and the farm. Years later, Albert's son loves to tell his own grandson stories about Joey, including his feats in the war and of the time the family risked everything betting that Joey could win a daring race.