books for read aloud day

Miss Kathleen informs us that March 3 is World Read-Aloud Day, so here are some suggestions if you're at a loss:

moo baa    wolf   jojofu 

For babies, my all time favorite: Moo Baa La La La If you read this one everyday, then you can recite it without the book (just like me).

For toddlers and preschoolers: Home For a Bunny --perfect for springtime and the upcoming bunny season. Also the Golden Egg Book. Another great one - Pete's a Pizza. This one is especially good for any dads who try to shirk their read-aloud duties.

For younger elementary ages:  Hooway for Wodney Wat and Wolf! --both funny stories about kids, ok, animals, at school.

For older elementary: Jojofu, (includes giant snake) Brave Margaret (includes people-eating ogre), and since St. Patrick's Day is coming: The Last Snake in Ireland (This is a humorous tale of how Patrick removed the snakes from the land of Éire.)

For elementary, junior high, and high school, how about a story from a collection like: The Emerald Lizard: 15 latin American Tales to tell in English and Spanish (my favorite from this collection is "Five Eggs")or While Standing on One Foot: puzzle stories and wisdom tales from the Jewish tradition. (my favorite from this one is "The Court Jester's Last Wish")