This Book's For You

Ah, Summer....for most of us, summer is the time to take some much deserved R & R.  Because of the economy though, Americans are scaling back on eating out, vacations, and luxury items.  What to do?  Some are consoling themselves with beer.  A report by Information Resources says that beer sales are up 5.6 percent this year.  Craft beers and discount brews are doing especially well.  

Of course, you could also enjoy a favorite book.  Like returning to a beloved vacation spot, I occasionally like to revisit one of my favorites, and am currently reading Chocolat, by Joanne Harris.  It comes pretty close to providing me with the perfect virtual escape, free of charge.  What's your idea of the perfect book for Summertime?  

According to Robert Louis Stevenson, "wine is bottled poetry".  If that's true, maybe "beer is keg o' fiction".  Whatever you call it, a good book economically adds zest to your leisure.  Whether you're on vacation or just relaxing at home, summer is the perfect time to put up your feet and enjoy a favorite 

photo courtesy of ishmael78