Bring the Heat

Jameson Rook is back in the saddle again. Once again joining Nikki Heat, the two are off to solve a murder that leaves everyone talking. And by talking I mean that one of world’s most famous gossip columnists is found murdered in her apartment (Along with Rook, I might add). Thus sending them on a wild goose chase throughout the city as the bodies pile up. I felt that Naked Heat had a bit more momentum than Heat Wave, which worked out nicely, considering the higher body count in this one. I’ve never liked to give away the actual storyline or give more information when I write a review, because I think it takes away from the actual book. However, I will say that the characters are growing and developing into fantastic works of fiction. The chemistry between Rook and Heat is incredible and undeniable.
I thought this book was a bit more entertaining than the first, which I always think is a good sign for a series. I always dislike when a series starts off with a bang and then tapers off until I can’t read it anymore. I’m eager to read the next installment. When that will be? I’m not sure, but I hope it’s soon! I also can’t wait to discover the identity of the ghostwriter!