Bugs Of Texas

 Have some creepy-crawlies in your backyard?  An unknown infestation in your garden?  Find out what you're facing by picking up some Texas insect field guides from the library.  These books give you the skinny on each insect.  Find out what each bug looks like, where they live, what they eat and if they're good or bad for you or your yard. 

I'm not a bug fan, but these guides captured my attention with the amount of information provided in the pages.  I've seen some pretty ugly and scary looking bugs through the years and most of the time I haven't been able to explain what I've seen to others.  After reading a few of these guides, I've finally been able to identify some strange looking creatures.  You can also find out if the bugs are beneficial or harmful.  Simply put, these guides are a fascinating read.  The pictures and information is captivating, even to someone who doesn't enjoy being out in nature all that much.

Catch these titles before they scamper away: