Building Update!

Everyone wants to know when the library will be re-opened. I still don’t have a definite date as so many things can speed up or delay the process. But overall, slowly but surely, we’re making progress. The flooring and shelving have been ordered.  The sheetrock and drywall have been put up.  Primer is being applied to the walls and painting will start next week. The elevator is being worked on and should be done in 3 weeks. Most important, the construction of the platform for the outside AC chiller units is underway. So far, they have taken down one of the concrete walls where the chiller units were. They are waiting for location services as they have to drill down 10 feet into the parking lot, and want to make sure they don’t hit any electrical wiring. Once they have that done, later there will be a steel platform, 6 feet in height, for the chiller units. The bathrooms are ready for tile work which should begin next week. 

picture of elevator repair

picture of man painting

picture of construction



Thank you for the update, as

Thank you for the update, as I was wondering. This is my favorite library, so I am wanting it open.

FYI, Google is reporting that

FYI, Google is reporting that Barbara Bush is permanently closed.

Yes, we are aware of that.

Yes, we are aware of that. When we contacted Google, there was no option for "temporarily closed." The only options were things like "business doesn't exist." We chose the only closed option as we had people trying to visit the library when they saw Google listing us as open. You're the first person to report it. Thanks for letting us know.

Clara Maynard


Unfortunately Google Business

Unfortunately Google Business does not have a "Temporarily Closed" option. For now, it makes more sense to give that information than to say that the branch is open. 

Thank you for the heads up!

Thanks for the update. Great

Thanks for the update. Great to hear about the progress.