Butterflies & Poetry for Citizenship Month

Some folks think of butterflies as dainty creatures. Butterflies are anything but dainty. Monarchs, for example, make a yearly round trip between southern Mexico and locales as far north as Maine & Minnesota. When you combine that kind of toughness, with their amazing transformation from caterpillars and their tremendous variety—some 20,000 species—Butterflies are the perfect symbol for the City of Houston’s Citizenship Month. This month-long initiative includes hundreds of activities around greater Houston to celebrate the area's tremendous diversity. 

Like butterflies, many people think of poets as delicate creatures, never considering the courage it takes to write with the kind of honesty and integrity good poets do. So it's fitting that poetry plays a big part in Citizenship Month. Students from Harmony Public Schools and the Houston Independent School District participated in a Houston Citizenship Month poetry writing contest. To participate, schools submitted the most compelling poems by their students for the competition that is coordinated by the University of Houston-Downtown.  Some of these student poems were featured in the Citizenship Month event: I am a Poet held the first week of November as a celebration of the poets and poetry that thrives in the Houston area. HCPL is proud to display a sampling of these talented young poets’ work at Barbara Bush, Clear Lake City - County Freeman & West University Branch Libraries.

In recognition of Citizenship Month and the people from all over the world who make Greater Houston such a vital and vibrant place, each HCPL branch has a butterfly habitat on display, and many of the butterflies are beginning to emerge from their cocoons. Stop by your branch to check their progress.

To learn more about Citizenship Month please visit http://citizenshipmonth.org/



Nice way to explain about the

Nice way to explain about the poetry with dainty. Best of luck to all the lovely poets participating. Kudos.

We second the kudos! These

We second the kudos! These are some very talented young writers and we're honored to play a small part in this endeavor.