Célébrons! le 14 juillet


Bastille Day is July 14 - so here are some items to get you in the mood if you aren't flying to Paris this weekend!

some of my favorite picture books set in France:

Everybody Bonjours "Bonjour" is the French way to say "hello".

Crepes by Suzette Suzette pushes her street cart making crepes with yummy fillings through Paris.

Adele and Simon Adele's little brother Simon loses things on their walk home from school.

A Spree in Paree A farmer and his livestock visit Paris for a holiday.

The Mice of Bistrot de Sept Freres Petite Michelle comes to the rescue when the chef at a famous Parisian restaurant for mice runs out of the secret ingredient in his prize-winning cheese soup.

And a chapter book: The King in the Window Eleven-year-old Oliver, an American boy residing in Paris, discovers, much to his astonishment, that phantoms live within the windowpanes and have selected Oliver to lead a war against the "soul-stealers" that inhabit mirrors.

and some good music --the Putumayo disc: French Playground has got longs of fun French songs.