Calling all Latino Storytellers

Harris County Public Library is proud to become a local partner with StoryCorps' Historias, a recently launched initiative set on preserving the voice and memory of our Latino community.

StoryCorps is a non-profit organization whose mission is to collect and preserve the oral histories of everyday people. After preserving more than 50,000 stories, StoryCorps launched Historias on September 25, 2009 to collect stories from the Hispanic community. They are taking the initiative on the road and will be stationed at Houston's own Discovery Green in downtown Thursday, November 19th through Saturday, December 19th. We are looking for pairs of individuals who know each other and are interested in sharing their story. Not only will you be sharing your story, your interview will be archived by the Library of Congress and have the opportunity to broadcast on National Public Radio. By participating in this unique collaboration, you will receive a CD recording of the interview and provide your family with memories to treasure forever.

Please visit here for samples of recorded stories. Interviews last about 40 minutes and can be done in English and/or Spanish. The entire process takes about an hour. Interview questions are up to the interviewer, but you can visit here for a list of suggested questions.

Does this sound like something you and a loved one would like to do? If so, we have three spots to fill during StoryCorps' visit:

Thursday, December 3rd 10:30am
Friday, December 4th 3:30pm
Saturday, December 5th 2:30pm

If we fill the slots, don't worry, we can make more room. But do not wait until the last minute! If you would like to be a part of making Hispanic-American history call 713-749-9000 for more information.


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