Can’t Pick Up Your Holds Before the Deadline?

CalendarHopefully, you already know that you can request items from other HCPL branches and have them sent to your branch for you to pick up.  If you realize that an item you requested is likely to arrive when you are unable to pick it up, you can SUSPEND your request until a more convenient date.  To suspend a request through our web site, go to “my account” and log in with your library card number and PIN, click “hold requests,” and put check marks in the boxes next to the items you want to suspend.  Under “Requested items not yet available,” select the date that you want the hold to reactivate, and click the “change status” button.  That’s it.  Your request will automatically reactivate on the date that you chose.  Feel free to talk to the staff about suspending requests.
Just in case you’re curious, here’s how the delivery process works:  The item shows up on a list for the staff at the owning branch to pull off of their shelves.  They pull all of the items on their list, scan them in the computer, and pack them into large plastic tubs.  An HCPL truck driver picks up the tubs and takes them to our administrative offices, where the items are removed from the tubs, sorted and placed back in tubs, according to their destination.  The truck drivers deliver the tubs to each destination.  The staff members at the destination branch unpack the tubs and scan the items, and the computer prints a slip for each item saying which customer requested it.  The staff then puts all the items on the hold shelf for the various customers.  (At most branches, this involves somehow covering the item in order to protect the customer’s privacy.)