Can I return my eAudio titles early?

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

You can return MP3 eAudio early using either the Overdrive App or the Overdrive Media console on a PC.  Returning WMA eAudio and returning eAudio on a Mac are not yet compatible.

Returning MP3 through the Overdrive App.

1.  To return the title early, or to delete it from the device, make sure you are in the Bookshelf screen.

2. Select the “Edit” button from the upper left.

3. After selecting “Edit,” a red circle will appear to the left of the titles in your bookshelf.  Pressing the red circle will make the word “Delete” appear to the right of the title.

4. Once you press the red “Delete” button, you will then be able to choose to “Return and Delete” the title of “Delete without Returning.”

Returning MP3 through the Overdrive Media Console on PC.

1. Open the Overdrive Media Console on the PC.
2. Highlight the title to return by left clicking on it one time to turn it blue.
3.  Select “File” in the upper left corner of the program.
4. Select “Delete.”
5. In the window that pops up, select “Return/Delete.”