Can you Feel the Heat?

Heat Wave- Richard Castle




After watching the T.V. series ‘Castle,’ I was intrigued to find that the fictional book that was in the show was published in real life. So naturally, I had to read it. I was intrigued by how well the book was told from Nikki Heat’s point of view. In all honesty, this book was a quick and easy read; there wasn’t a lot of depth to it. Being that there wasn’t much to it, it allows you to get through it and enjoy it for what it is, which is what I like to call “Light & Frothy.” I guess it’s a bit difficult to not mention the T.V. series right now. It’s enjoyable, and Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle. Yay! I was able to call the story about the middle of the book; but others I’ve talked to didn’t figure it out until later in the story, or even at all. A few did tell me who they thought it was, and most of them ended up being right!

While reading it, I noticed that the author was Richard Castle, the character in the show. However, after further inspection, I was unable to find the ‘ghost writer,’ or the author who actually wrote the book. Now, there have been many names thrown in the hat as guesses to who is the writer, and I agree with 2 of them. My guesses were either J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) or Dan Brown. Dan Brown is the one I’m leaning towards because of the way certain things are described. You’re told not only why someone is doing something, but all the tedious details that go with it are included. Now, maybe I’m wrong here, maybe the details were added simply because the writer needed to extend the book and make it longer.

What is your guess to who the ‘ghost writer’ is?