Cancelled Too Soon

As an avid television watcher, I confess I dread this time of year. Late spring. The end of a season for the lucky shows, and the end of a series for the unlucky. I always find myself compulsively checking the lists of TV shows each studio has renewed or axed, waiting for the verdict on all my favorites.

Unfortunately, not every show can stick around forever and many are cancelled too soon. The Internet is littered with lists of TV shows people adamantly believe were cancelled too soon. Television without Pity even breaks the list into three sections: Dramas, Comedies and Dramadies, and Sci Fi and Supernatural. See if your favorites made the list, then check HCPL’s DVD collection and watch them again!

Freaks and GeeksPushing DaisiesDead Like MeEli StoneVeronica Mars

The Shows the TV Viewing Public Still Mourns:

Arrested Development – 3 seasons (2003-2006)
Firefly – 1 season & a movie, Serenity (2002, 2005)
Freaks & Geeks – 1 season (1999-2000)
Pushing Daisies – 2 seasons (2007-2009)
Wonderfalls – 1 season (2004)

The Shows Kimberly Still Mourns:

Dead Like Me – 2 seasons & a direct-to-DVD movie (2003-2004, 2009)
Eli Stone – 2 seasons (2008-2009)
Life – 2 seasons (2007-2009)
Moonlight – 1 season (2007-2008)
Veronica Mars – 3 seasons (2004-2007)