The Case of the Missing Servant

picture of snake charmerThe Case of the Missing Servant is the first book in a relatively new series, written by Tarquin Hall, a British journalist who spends a great deal of time in India. The hero is Vish Puri, who prides himself on the professionalism of his company,  Most Private Investigators Ltd. He is a bit overweight and his family affectionately calls him Chubby. In this case, a lawyer asks him to find a missing servant, and things get complicated when the client is arrested for her murder.

One really gets the feel of life in India, although the mystery is not that compelling. This reminds me a bit of the old Charlie Chan movies in that the emphasis is on the detective and his family relationships. One irritating thing to me was the great use of Indian words. It disturbed the flow of my reading to have to look at the provided glossary in the back. I did learn a lot about India though and might try the other books in the series.