Caution: Ranger at Work

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack generally likes to work alone. After all, his line of work is a dangerous business, and having to watch out for a partner can be a fatal distraction. For one thing, the kind of men he hunts down usually have no qualms about shooting you in the back, if they get the chance. For another, his partner is new to the Arizona Ranger force and still somewhat green, although game for anything that comes along. And plenty does come along, in the form of one scrape after another, in this page turner by award winning western writer Ralph Cotton.

The Black Moon Gang, which has been terrorizing the area, wants to catch up with Burrack just as much as he wants to catch up with them. Rest assured, whenever they do come face to face, bullets will start flying. But short of killing him, there is simply no stopping Ranger Sam. And he ain’t that easy to kill. Both wily and tenacious, Burrack is still strict about following the law. He always gives the outlaw a chance to surrender – but only one. After that he will do whatever is necessary to see the job through to the end. He'll bring his man in, one way or another.
Killing Plain is number thirteen of Ralph Cotton’s Ranger series. It's the first one I've read, but I'm looking forward to reading some more.

An excellent reading by George Guidall who won the 2009 Best Voice in Fiction & Classics for his reading of The Hour I First Believed and The Texicans. In 2008 he won the Best Voice in Mystery & Suspense for his interpretations of The Ghost War and Innocence.