Celebrate African American Achievement and Heritage with HCPL

NASA's Rocket Women group shotJoin Harris County Public Library in celebrating the contributions of African American scientists, inventors, artists, musicians and the ordinary people who have shaped the nation and its culture, as well as those who fought and continue to fight for justice. 

Below is a sampling of HCPL's African American History Month programs. For full listings, see our Events Calendar.

Astronaut Stephanie D. Wilson
Clear Lake City - County Freeman Branch Library
The veteran of three space shuttle missions talks about her journey
Thu, Feb. 1
6 - 7 PM

Undated interior at La Porte Colored SchoolReconstructing the "La Porte Colored School"
La Porte Community Library
Learn about the current local project to reconstruct what was known as "The Colored School," and hear the stories of perseverance and resilience of former students.
Sat, Feb. 3
2 - 3 PM
Teens & adults

Kids' Art Adventure - Jean-Michel Basquiat
Aldine Branch Library
Learn about this influential artist through videos, readings and painting.
Mon, Feb. 5
4 - 5 PM
School-age kids

African American Genealogy Workshop
Fairbanks Branch Library
This program is designed specifically for those researching their African American ancestors.
Mon, Feb. 5
7 - 8:45 PM
Call 713-466-4438 to register

Express(ionist) Yourself: Painting Inspired by Alma Thomas
North Channel Branch Library
Come learn about local Expressionist artist Alma Thomas and try your hand at her style.
Wed, Feb. 7
1 - 2 PM

African Folklore & Fairy Tales presented by Second Generation Dance Co.
Evelyn Meador Branch Library
Come along as SGDC explores the ancient myths of Africa.
Sat, Feb. 10
11 AM - 12 PM
All ages

Spiritual Chemistry Gospel Quartet
Join us for this musical celebration with light refreshments and crafts for the kids
LSC - Tomball Community Library
Sat. Feb. 17
1 PM
All ages

An Image of the Harlem Renaissance Through Jazz: A Live Performance by Kendall Moore & His Quartet
Maud Smith Marks Branch Library
Trombonist Kendall and his Quartet will bring the Harlem Renaissance to life through music. 
Sat, Feb 17
3 - 3: 45 PM
All ages

Houston's African American Baseball History
West University Branch Library
The Heritage Society's Mike Vance will talk about the local teams and players who, because of segregation, never got a chance to show their skills on a national stage.
Tue, Feb. 20
11 AM - 12 PM




Thank you for highlighting

Thank you for highlighting African American achievements and contributions. I echo the previous comment and encourage you to expand the regular items in circulation; in particular, please look into acquiring AFRICAN SAINTS, AFRICAN STORIES by Camille Lewis Brown, Ph.D. I was able to read it via interlibrary loan and learned so much. In the meantime, thank you for your efforts to serve our community!

Harris County Public Library

Harris County Public Library continues to strive to be more and more responsive to the communities we serve, both in programming and in the materials we offer. We are always glad to hear feedback from our customers, not only because it helps us to do our jobs better, but because it means they are engaged and care about their libraries. So thank you for writing.

Our Collection Development Division review all suggested titles. The best way to reach them is the Book or Title Purchase Suggestion form

To whom it may concern, I

To whom it may concern, I would love to celebrate with HCPL at the Maud Marks Branch, however when walking into the branch I noticed that the display of African American Heritage was placed in the back of the library. Typically I have seen these displays placed in the front of the library on a large table, that seems to have gone away. Celebrating different heritages is what Houston and Harris County is about, and this display being pushed to the back seems to make it feel like we are taking a few steps back in the fight for unity. I understand that there is an interim manager at this branch, but the changes being made to this branch does not seem to be in the best interest of the community. I'm also concerned with the lack of books; before we were able to come in and browse through a large collection, but now the shelves seem bare. I do sincerely hope whoever comes into this branch will bring life back into it; because that is what the children and community need from our library.

We are glad you wrote to us

We are glad you wrote to us with your concerns. You are correct that featured displays are usually placed at the front of the library for maximum visibility. You are also correct that the shelves are not as well stocked as they usually are. The explanation is actually a bit of good news. The branch will be undergoing a sort of mini-renovationk--namely, new flooring will be put down in the near future. The display was relocated in preparation for the work to be done. Likewise, an effort to update the collection is underway. The thinning that you have noticed is, in large part, to make room for updated materials.

We completely understand how the relocation of the African-American History Month display could be interpreted negatively. In our rush to prepare for the flooring installation, we, frankly, did not consider how the move might appear. Part of our core mission is to make all of our libraries welcoming places that celebrate diversity, and foster understanding.

Again, we are grateful to you for bringing your concerns to us. We rely on customers like you to help us continue to improve our service to the community.