Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

We at the Evelyn Meador Branch Library recognize and love the diversity of our community. It’s a wonderful thing to have people of different cultures and backgrounds associate and trade ideas. We love this aspect for our community and want to do everything we can to foster this. As such, the library is excited to be spending the next month celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. This wonderful celebration will allow us to learn more about Hispanic cultures, and gain a greater appreciation of the great things they have. Here are a few of the things that you can do at the library to gain a better appreciation of Hispanic culture.
• Check out the Hispanic Heritage display in the foyer of the library.
• Sign up for one of Spanish classes on our website.
• Learn how to cook Paelia at our Spanish Heritage Cooking program.
Grab a book to learn Spanish, or read a book from a Hispanic author.
• Go to Kanopy and watch a documentary.
• Make your own Pinata at our Teen Hispanic Heritage program.
These are only a few ways to celebrate this month, but we sincerely hope that you enjoy this month and try something new. As you do, we know that you’ll gain a greater appreciation of other cultures and recognize how important they are.