Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Joaquín Torres García - América invertida by Hablando del asuntoEach year in the United States between September 15 and October 15 we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by paying tribute to people of Hispanic heritage from the past and present who have impacted our nation and who have enriched our American culture.  Living in the Houston area, we enjoy a wonderful diversity of cultural influences and there are many different opportunities open for us to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.  How will you celebrate?

Reads for Hispanic Heritage Month

sofi mendoza bookjacket

f factor bookjacket

feels like home bookjacket

if i could fly bookjacket

i will save you bookjacket





dreams of significant girls bookjacket

dark dude bookjacket

under the mesquite bookjacket

dizzy in your eyes bookjacket

the knife and the butterfly bookjacket





illegal bookjacket

under the never sky bookjacket

the dreamer bookjacket

aristotle and dante bookjacket

good long way bookjacket





boyfriends with girlfriends bookjacket

partly cloudy bookjacket

last summer of the death warriors bookjacket

downside of being charlie bookjacket

mr. mendoza's paintbrush bookjacket





Flickr CC: Joaquín Torres García - América invertida Photo by: Hablando del asunto