Celebrate Holidays with the Library

 Now that November has come around, we are all preparing for Thanksgiving, that big holiday at the end of the month. However, there are a lot of other holidays this month that just get overlooked in our turkey preparation. Yeah, Thanksgiving is fun, but should it so blatantly overshadow Have a Party with Your Bear Day (Yeah, look it up. It’s worth a Google)? Or what about the equally important National Fast Food Day? Should that be passed over for a holiday that we just go and eat food? We agree with you that it should absolutely not! So, to help correct this egregious oversight, we at the library are happy to provide some books to help you properly celebrate some of these other holidays (as well as letting you know when these are). You’re welcome.

National Clean Your Refrigerator Day- November 15

Taking place just a week before Thanksgiving, this is an important holiday if you want to properly celebrate the leftovers you are bound to have.  Depending on the state of your fridge, you can observe this holiday by throwing away old leftovers, wiping down your shelves, or, if your fridge is past all hope, throwing it away and buying a new one. We have lots of resources that can help you out with any of that. For a good start, take a look at Joey Green's Kitchen Magic : 1,882 Quick Cooking Tricks, Cleaning Hints, and Kitchen Remedies Using Your Favorite Brand-Name Products by Joey Green for some quick cleaning solutions, or check out our online database, Home Improvement Reference Center for information on buying and repairing fridges.

National Parfait Day- November 25

This holiday gives you the perfect excuse to sit back and enjoy a delicious dessert.  A parfait is a dessert that is layered in a glass, usually with whipped cream, and fruits, but also chocolate and ice cream. The best part about this is you can create it any way that you like, so don’t sweat putting in the fruit. If all you have is pudding and Oreos that still counts! However, if you need some inspiration on what to make, try checking out one of our recipe books, like Icebox Desserts by Lauren Chattman or just get in the mood for a parfait by reading an electronic version A Parfait Murder by Wendy Watson. 

Stay Home Because You Are Well Day- November 30

Are you sick of work?  We’re not either. We promise. However, you should still totally observe this holiday because you feel good and you deserve it.  Call in sick with a convincing cough and then relax the day away. To help you celebrate properly, come into the library to check out The Merck Manual Go-To Home Guide for Symptoms by Robert Porter to help you come up with a convincing disease and while you’re here, grab The Checklist: What You and Your Family Need to Know to Prevent Disease and Live a Long and Healthy Life by Manny Alvarez to help ensure that you are actually well enough to celebrate.

Remember, we don't always have the books on hand, so make sure that you put anything you want on hold to ensure you get it. We hope you have a great holiday season!

Photo Credit: PixaBay.com - CC0 Creative Commons