Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Barbara Bush

Harris County Public Library extends its condolences to the Bush family.


When Barbara Bush passed

When Barbara Bush passed away, it was so sad . I thought of her as America,s grandma. I too loved the way Mrs.Bush seemed to always think of others not just herself. So many times , the media would show Mrs.Bush, Barbara reading to the young , sweet kids a book. That just goes to prove what a really wonderfully person she was. Her kindness was all around her.I do believe she was sent to us from HEAVEN.The day when Geroge and Barbara left the White House In Washington DC, I just happen to be home watching them leave for Houston,s Ellington Field so I went to watch them land here in Houston the day they came home.These people were selling Bumper Stickers that read Welcome Home George and Barbara so I bought one hopeing I would be able to give them the Bumper Sticker. And believe it or not I got to hand Mrs.Bush the Bumper Sticker that said welcome home Geroge and Barbara.And she thanked me and I said your welcome.Then again when Mrs.Bush Passed I knew there was going to be so many people who would go , pay their repects to the Bush Family so I knew in my heart I would just watch whaT i could ON tV. As I knew it would be a lot of people going , so the next day when they aired her Funeral Service on TV.I couldn,t hold back the tears when they sang AMAZING GRACE. That is such a Beatifully song, especially if its sung correctly and it was done very well. I am now praying that the Bush Family will cherish her forever and her life and we pray that Mr.Bush will have A Speedy recovery since her passing. she lived a meaninful life and was so giving to others. I wil always remember her for accepting my Bumper Sticker. .