Celebration of African Folklore @ Preschool Pals

We are celebrating Black History Month during Preschool Pals this week! 
When: Wednesday, February 19th @ 1:30
Shadow puppet play based on African Folklore, "How the Sun & the Moon came to live in the Sky".

Other Information:
The safety of the children we serve is our first consideration. Room capacity, as determined by the Fire Marshall, as well as our desire for a high quality program, may necessitate limits.

If you are not able to attend, or would like to extend your child's experience, checkout these great picture books to share at home. 

Young Mouse and Elephant : an East African folktale, adapted by Pamela J. Farris

 Mabela the Clever, retold by Margaret Read MacDonald 


Anansi and the talking melon,  retold by Eric A. Kimmel

 Anansi goes Fishing, retold by Eric A. Kimmel

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