A Celebration of Black Cowboys

As February is Black History Month and The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo runs February 25 – March 17th, this seems like a great time to celebrate the contributions of the Black cowboys, who played a huge part in the winning of the west.
Some names may already be familiar to you, such as Nat Love or Bill Pickett; others such as George McJunkin or Bones Hooks may not be.
But whether you are familiar with any of the names or not, there is a wealth of information in the library covering the under-appreciated but fascinating history of the African American settlement in the west and the achievements of the Black cowboys.
There is a little something for everyone, so grab your rodeo boots and hat and check it out at your local branch library!

General histories of the Black cowboys include:

texas   negro   black

Biographies of the Black cowboys include title such as:

bill   nat     bones

Other titles of interest in the history of the Black cowboys include:

Celebrating Black Cowboys

Guts: legendary black rodeo cowboy Bill Pickett

The Hard Ride: Black Cowboys at the Circle 6 Ranch

Black Frontiers: a history of African American heroes in the Old West