Chart-Art Exhibit by Gwendolyn Brown-Bailey


The Evelyn Meador Library, a Harris County Public Library, is pleased to announce a reception for local artist Gwendolyn Brown-Bailey on Monday, June 17 at 6 pm in the library’s meeting room.  A curated selection of her beautiful seafaring-inspired water colors are on display in the meeting room.  Many of the pieces are multimedia, featuring images of lighthouses and ships as well as other marine scenery superimposed on old navigation charts.  Her artwork reflects a love of painting married with a life-long passion for the sea. 

Ms. Brown-Bailey’s passion for the water began with a childhood trip to Santa Catalina Island off the California coast.  While on the trip she was able to view sea life such as fish and dolphins, which thrilled and intrigued her.  Later that year she visited an uncle who was a lighthouse keeper.  She ran up and down the lighthouse’s spiral staircase and watched the lantern rotate at nightfall.  These experiences burned into her memory and inspired her to join the Coast Guard.  During her first foreign trip through the Panama Canal, Ms. Brown-Bailey used scraps of paper and old navigation charts to create artwork documenting the trip.   An artist was born.

Ms. Brown-Bailey’s wonderful artwork is available for viewing upon request.  Please call the library at 281-474-9142 to make an appointment.

Harris County Public Library will make reasonable accommodation for
persons with disabilities. To make a request, notify the Branch Librarian
at 281-474-9142.

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