Chat Reference

Info24/7 LogoPlease note that, in most cases, you will be communicating with a librarian who does not work at HCPL and does not have access to your personal library card records. We recommend you use our Ask a Librarian email service for questions about your account.

Please enter the information requested on the right hand side of your browser window. We highly recommend that you enter an email address as you will automatically receive a transcript of the chat, including all links.

During the chat session, the librarian may suggest your question be forwarded to a subject expert or your local library for email follow-up.  Follow-up usually takes 72 hours.  Email replies will come from  Please be sure your email system allows messages from this address.

Software Compatibility

  • If you are using Internet Explorer, or Netscape 4.79, 7.1 or 7.2, Mozilla or Firefox , and have "session cookies" enabled in your browser, the librarian should be able to take you to various Web sites to show you the answers. We will be able to "chat" with you in real time and send you Web pages via your browser during the session.
  • This service works best on a Windows operating system. If you use Windows XP and have Service Pack 2 installed, please check these instructions to configure it to work with chat. Some features of the service may not be available on Macintosh computers.
  • If you have a software firewall enabled, such as Norton Internet Security, you may not be able to see chat from the librarian after you connect. If you experience such a problem, please exit the service, and check these instructions on how to configure it to work with our service.
  • If you are unable to connect to chat, please enter your question with as much detail as possible and include an email address so that we may reply.  Alternately, use our Ask a Librarian email service.


  • Please don't use your browser's back button.  This will take you back in the conversation.
  • Please be courteous.
  • Expect what may seem like delays.  We are working on your question and it may take time to reply.
  • If you need to log off, please let us know and provide an email address so that we can send you your information.


This service is part of the QuestionPoint 24/7 service and is sponsored by the Houston Area Library System; Harris County Public Library, Fort Bend County Libraries, and Houston Public Library are the local participating libraries.  This service is staffed by Harris County staff Monday - Friday at various times. During other hours, you will be assisted by librarians from other library systems throughout the United States.