Check Out the Moon...

The Moon

Because it will be full tonight, Thursday, June 12!  So take a moment to go outside and look for it in the southeastern sky.  Last night’s moon was high in the sky at dusk, and it had an almost delicate appearance, like fine glass.  What sort of beauty will our moon give us tonight?

As part of our Adult Summer Reading Program at Baldwin Boettcher, we will display books about the moon all summer long.  Science and astronomy, space exploration and the astronauts, folklore, photography, and maybe even a favorite book from your childhood – all will be on hand and available for check-out through August 9.

Here are a few:

The Moon RunnersMoon TalesThe Night the Moon FellGoodnight Moon

The Astronaut Wives ClubRocket MenMoon:  A Brief HistoryVoices from the Moon


Take a break from your busy life this summer, even if only for a few moments each evening, and look for the beauty of the moon.  It may not always be visible, but it will always be there.


photo credit: School Edition