Check Out the New Features on OverDrive

improved overdriveWhether you're a longtime user of Harris County Public Library’s OverDrive Digital Media Catalog, or  just dipping your toes in for the first time (in which case: Dive in!), we think you'll really like these new features: 

  • Suspend a Hold: If you’re lucky enough to have more books than you can get to at the moment, you can now put your hold on hold, so to speak, without losing your place in the queue.
  • Automatically Checkout your Hold: Now, you can set your preferences to checkout your hold as soon as it is available. You’ll get a notification saying it’s waiting for you on your account bookshelf.
  • “Recommended for You” Collection: When you sign-in, you will see a selection of titles available for checkout based on the books you currently have checked out or on hold.
  • “AND” Boolean Searching: Sounds complicated, but all it means is that when you search the catalog you’ll see more of what you want and less of what you don’t. 

See the attachment below for more information about these enhancements, as well as easy-to-follow instructions for adjusting your settings if you want to take advantage of Suspend a Hold and/or Auto-Checkout.

OverDrive Enhancements.pdf537.62 KB


Love the graphic! I also

Love the graphic! I also like the auto check out feature.

We're very happy to hear that

We're very happy to hear that you like the new auto-checkout feature on OverDrive.  

There was some debate here as to whether the graphic was eye-catching or just headache-inducing, so we're glad to get your feedback on it.

Thanks, Janette!