Children's Author Visit!

Tired of the cold? Come warm up on a Jamaican Adventure!  Children's author Vicki Smith will be reading and presenting her book, Jamaican Adventure with Tori and Paul this Saturday (12/14)  from 2:30-3:30PM.  Please call the branch with any inquiries at 281-484-2036.

Here is some information about the book and author:

Vicki Smith, a parent and an educator, wrote this fun and exciting travel book for children to have a view of people and life in a land other than their own. Ms. Smith lived in Jamaica for two years and wanted to share its story with children and their parents to not only have them enjoy reading but to add to their understanding of people and instill a desire to know more about the world near and far. From the beginning this story is fun, interesting and an adventure worth reading and rereading. Ms. Smith patterned the characters, Tori and Paul, after her own (now grown) children. The colorful illustrations add beauty and fun to the story and cause excitement in the reader to see what will happen to the two children next. Ms. Smith hopes to take Tori and Paul in a series around cites in the United States and various countries of the world. Join Tori and Paul as they discover our world, its lands and the people who are our neighbors near and far.