A Chocoholic Lovers Mystery Series

In The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle by JoAnna Carl  Lee McKinney, business manager for TenHuis Chocolade finds herself questioning the credentials  of Aubrey Andrews Armstrong who has swept into town claiming to be a Hollywood producer. He says he is going to make an onsite movie  in Warner Pier  about a  historic romance written by a budding local author.  Add in a dead body in the pumpkin patch, someone  shooting at Lee, and you come up with mystery along with the comfort of chocolate trivia spread throughout the book. This is the fourth book in  the Chocoholic Mystery Series.  The Chocolate Cat Caper is the first official book in this series. If you want the unofficial first book titled The Chocolate Kidnapping Clue it is in Crime De Cocoa along with the first three books in the series.