The Cinderella Horse

The Eighty-Dollar Horse: Snowman, the Horse that Inspired a Nation by Elizabeth LettsThe afternoon auction ended. The leftovers, old horses, were packed tightly into a trailer for the final trip of their lives. These horses were the ones no one wanted. The ones destined for the glue factory.

Harry de Leyer, a stable instructor, planned to attend the auction. He wanted to buy a strong, sturdy horse but a flat tire dashed his plans. He arrived late and the only horses left were the rejects sandwiched together in the trailer.

Harry looked at the sad, rundown bunch. A plow horse, standing calmly in the back with bright eyes and attentive ears, grabbed Harry's attention. Harry knew he shouldn't be sentimental, yet there was something about this horse that spoke to him. He took a chance, paying $70 for the haggard horse and another $10 to have it dropped off at his home.

A few hours later, the entire family greeted the new horse at the door. The poor looking beast with matted hair, large bald patches in the shape of a plow harness, and a body scarred by insect bites stood before his new family. The children, not seeing the horse's flaws, were excited about the new arrival. In the snowy night, one of the children said he looked just like a snowman and the name stuck.

Snowman, the horse no one wanted, had some surprises in store for the de Leyer family and the nation. This eighty-dollar reject would soon become a wonder in the equestrian world in only a few years. Read the entire history of Snowman's Cinderella story in The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, The Horse that Inspired a Nation by Elizabeth Letts.