Can I just say that my favorite part of the library is our children. When they come in they are excited, glad to be here and ready to find their special book. They learn the routine from a very early age. At the self check out they know to scan under the red laser, look at the screen to see if it took and then wait on the print-out.
We have weekly programs designed especially for each age group, starting with infants, toddlers, and preschool , school age, young adult, adults and seniors.
My happy moment is when one of them smiles at me. It touches my heart. I smile in return and hopefully pass it on to our other patrons.
Today,  for a moment I got to play peek-a boo with one of our small ones.  What a sad place our library would be without our children. The smiles, the books, the programs, the decorations, these are happy things in my world.