Classic Creepy Codices and Spine-Tingling Stories: a Continuation & Sequel*

Creepy two
*You Were Warned Before And Now You Are Back For More?

Classic Creepy Codices and Spine-Tingling Stories: a Continuation & Sequel / compiled by Dr. Henry Armitage, Chief Librarian, Miskatonic University, as a Warning to Stay Away from Knowledge of Forbidden Things That You Would Sleep Better If Didn’t Know About!

The Birds     “The Birds” / Daphne du Maurier
In early December the wind changed. It blew cold and it felt like winter had really arrived. Nat Hocken felt it and it seemed that even the birds were affected. They “had been more restless than ever this fall of the year, the agitation more marked as the days were still.” He saw a farmer on his tractor blotted out by a “great cloud of wheeling, crying birds.” Even stranger, when he went home that night a small bird was frantically tapping on his upstairs window. Later it came back. “He went to the window for the second time, and now when he opened it there was not one bird upon the sill but half a dozen; they flew straight into his face, attacking him.”

The house of the seven gables      The House of the Seven Gables: A Romance / Nathaniel Hawthorne
Matthew Maule was hung for witchcraft. Just before he died he faced his chief persecutor in Salem, and cursed him. “At the moment of execution—with the halter about his neck, and while Colonel Pyncheon sat on horseback, grimly gazing at the scene—Maule had addressed him from the scaffold, and uttered a prophecy of which history, as well as fireside tradition, has preserved the very words. ‘God,’ said the dying man, pointing his finger, with a ghastly look, at the undismayed countenance of his enemy, ‘God will give him blood to drink!’”

The shining      The Shining / Stephen King
Five-year-old Danny Torrance desperately wants to learn how to read. His friend Tony—it’s funny that nobody but Danny can see Tony—comes to him while he’s waiting on the corner for his father t. Just waiting watching the autumn leaves blow down the street, and then Tony takes him to see a very scary thing: a huge dark place with snow whirling about it. Inside of it there was a room. “Across the room was a mirror, and deep down in its silver bubble a single word appeared in green fire and that word was: REDRUM.” Danny must find out what REDRUM means. Does it have anything to do with the Bad Thing that sometimes happens to his father? The Bad Thing that made the family move from Vermont to Colorado, where his father has found work as the winter caretaker for a huge old resort hotel. 

Skeleton      “Skeleton” / Ray Bradbury
Mr. Harris has aches in his bones. He’s been to see his regular doctor ten times this year, but the last time he was told to get out and stop being such a hypochondriac. So he finds his own bone specialist, M. Munigant, not a physician, but a real specialist nevertheless. Oh he knows all about the skeleton, and he can help Mr. Harris if he’s willing, and really needs help.

The tell-tale heart      “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe
“True—nervous—very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease has sharpened my senses—not destroyed—not dulled them. Above all the sense of hearing acute, I heard all things in heaven and in the earth. I hear many things in hell. How, then, am I mad? Harken! and observe how healthy—how calmly I can tell you the whole story.”