The Classics…Remixed

library shelvesMost of us have had to read our fair share of “classic” literature for school. It might have been Shakespeare; it might’ve been Mark Twain; it might’ve been one of the Brontë sisters. Whether you’ve read the classics (and are looking for a new take on the originals) or you’ve never been forced to read the classics (but are curious what some of them are about), I highly recommend checking out some remixed classics. What are your favorites? What do you suggest? *Bonus points if you can name the original tale that corresponds to the remix*

Mer’s Classics Remixed Picks:

princess and pauper bookjacketAvalon High bookjacketromiette & julio bookjacketjekel loves hyde bookjacket


corbenic bookjacketsomething rotten bookjacketprada & prejudice bookjacketson of the mob bookjacketmarly's ghost bookjacket






scarlet letterman bookjacketstreet love bookjacketdashwood sisters bookjacketthis must be love bookjacket






Which Classic Goes with Which Remix?  Can you mix and match? 
Flickr CC: Alkek Library during Finals Photo by: Appleswitch