Cold Days Are Upon us

Dresden Files: Cold DaysWith the chilly weather coming though, I thought it would be a great time to re-read one of my favorite Urban Fantasy Series: The Dresden Files

Book 14 in the ongoing series is titled Cold Days, and Chicago’s only wizard detective Harry Dresden is back and colder than ever.  If you haven’t read the series before you can jump in with this book, but I recommend starting with book one: Storm Front (I have listed all of the books in order below).   If you’re like me and can’t wait for the next book to be written, then give the series a re-read. 




Dresden Files Book 1

Dresden Files Book 2

Dresden Files Book 3Dresden Files Book 3Dresden Files Book 5Dresden Files Book 6Dresden Files Book 7





Dresden Files Book 8Dresden Files Book 9Dresden Files Book 10Dresden Files Book 11Dresden Files Book 12Dresden Files 13Dresden Files Book 14






You may also want to give author Jim Butchers other fantasy series a go.  The Codex Alera series is a more traditional epic fantasy series. 


Codex Alera Book 1Codex Alera Book 2Codex Alera Book 3Codex Alera Book 4Codex Alera Book 3Codex Alera Book 6






Finally, if you’re fans of Harry Dresden’s wisecracking wizarding ways, then you may want to try the Young Adult Series: Skulduggery Pleasant.  Yes, it’s a YA or J book, but the voice of its title character, Skulduggery Pleasant (wizard skeleton detective) reminds me of Harry Dresden.  


Skulduggery Pleasant Book 1Skulduggery Pleasant Book 2Skulduggery Pleasant Book 3