Come Midnight...

Midnight is on the mind this season of new books in Fantasy and Science Fiction.  HCPL has Towers at Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, the next in the Wheel of Time series, on order.  Put a hold on your copy today! 

Terry Pratchett was not left out with his I Shall Wear Midnight that came out in September, look for a copy to join the HCPL catalog soon.

Other new releases include:

Against All Things Ending by Stephen Donaldson, book 3 of The Last Chronicles of Thomas Convenant.  Put your request in today for its arrival to HCPL.



All Clear by Connie Willis is on order for HCPL as well.  A follow up to her novel Blackout, the time traveling historians suspect their theory of harmless observation is wrong.  England in World War II and mysterious changes in history make this a tantilizing read for time travel and history enthusiasts. 



There are some wickedly great reads arriving in October.  Don't miss out!  For me?  I'm still making my way through the 1001 pages of Sanderon's The Way of Kings, but I'll be checking out the sequel to Blackout soon.