Coming Attraction

Coming soon, to a neigborhood near you - if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Seabrook, that is!


Why is it, when we see these bird motifs we automatically think seagulls? Because it's Seabrook, of course!


This is the view looking towards the teen area (on the left) and the children's activity space. The windows on the right overlook the park are and hiking / biking trails.


Really like the photos of the

Really like the photos of the new facility, and looking forward to its opening...When is the magic date, and will it be impacted by the Houston mayor's recently announced budget challenges?

We do not have a specific date set just yet.  For now, we are saying late June.  A formal announcement will be made once we have a set day.  We are not part of the City of Houston, but rather a Harris County branch library.  And yes, we are facing challenges with the budget, but the library will open in the near future and it will be completely furnished and fully functional at that point.  Thanks for asking!