Long before Claire and Jamie, before Scarlett and Rhett, even before Romeo and Juliet, there was Ayla and Jondalar, the Cro-Magnon lovers who captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of readers around the world.  On March 29, 2011, fans of epic Ice Age romance will be pleased to welcome the long-awaited next installment in Jean Auel’s popular Earth’s Children series.

The Land of Painted Caves will continue the story of Ayla, Jondalar, and their family as they trek across prehistoric Europe to southwestern France, where larger than life heroine Ayla trains to become a full fledged medicine woman.  It’s difficult to imagine what daily life was really like for early homo sapiens, but maybe few have tried as hard as Auel.  The strength of her stories is that they are firmly based on her extensive research.  Auel has created in rich detail a culture that may have existed thousands of years ago.  Modern day romantics will almost certainly insure that Auel's latest story of primitive life and love is another best seller.


Titles in the Earth's Children series include:


Nice post Janet.

Nice post Janet.