Coming Soon Features For Our Mobile App Users

First let me apologize for the delay in getting the previously mentioned eBooks into the system.   There was an unforeseen delay that was out of our control.  It should be completed soon.  The new August titles may meet the same unforeseen delay.

I was recently at our vendor's convention for eBooks and they mentioned a few features they are working on.  They may be up by the end of the year, but their main focus is in getting the Kindle up and running.  They would not state the date that the Kindle will be able to use our service, but they did stress that it will be VERY SOON.

Here are some of the features that they are working on.

1.  eBook samples.   Our Vendor plans to make samples available to customers for eBooks that are in the collection.   10% of eBooks would be viewable at all times.

2. Renewals for EPUB eBooks in the Apps (though not on the desktop computers).  This would only work with the Apps for Android and Apple devices.  They mentioned a Nook app as well, though it is not available yet.

3.  4. New and better help features

4. A check out wizard.  This will make choosing formats easier.

5.  There may be a change in formats coming that would make browsing easier.

6.  Adobe Digital Editions 1.8 is currently in Beta testing.  This version finally adds text to speech support back into the program.  This will be of great benefit to our patrons with visual impairments.