Community Novel: Meet the Author

Dean Larson

Were you shocked with last year’s cliffhanger of Tomball Library’s Community Novel, Air Within a Jade? Allow us to tease you with another chapter, before our long-awaited Book Launch Party, where all will be revealed about the characters that you love and hate in the strange town of Atheneum. Local author Dean Larson penned this chapter, and shared the following about himself:

He has had a life filled with interesting people of all stripes. In the twenty-five years he spent counseling addicts and their families in hospitals, mental institutions, mental health centers, a prison, and finally, in his own outpatient treatment facility, he ran groups and counseled convicts and clergy, adolescents and elderly, wealthy and impoverished. The settings did much to break down class distinctions, and taught him to see people rather than titles. He learned to love people as unique individuals, whether addicted, mentally ill, behaviorally-challenged, or just down on their luck.

He had a side career in music that ranged from playing lead guitar in a trio that performed primarily in dark smelly bars, to performing symphonic music as “principle last trombone” in a regional symphony orchestra. 

Dean hails from a family who was in love with language and the magic of words. Dinnertime conversations, when he was a child, were often discussions of philosophy or theology or books. It was there that he learned to appreciate the music and sounds, rhythm and color in words. However, he was engrossed in the mending of broken lives, and had little time for anything but professional writing. Until now.

After all the years of storing up things to express, the Tomball Community Library Writing Project offered him a gift: a chance for him to put it all on paper for others to read. Dean’s efforts in this project have been done with gratitude and great anticipation for more writing.

Thanks to Dean for his chapter and to all of the participating authors that made this first community novel such a successful project. The Book Launch Party will take place at Tomball Library during the summer, so be on the lookout for our announcement. Authors will sign copies of the printed novel, which will be available for the first time.
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