Convert Your Files Online with Zamzar

One question I often get asked working in the library, is how to convert files from one file type to another.  For example, many companies will request that you send documents (a resume, perhaps) in a PDF format, but most likely your document is currently in a Microsoft Word format.  With Zamzar, you can easily convert from Word to PDF in less than a minute (no scanner hardware needed!). 

 Zamzar is an online file conversion website that allows you to convert a variety of different file formats, for free!  They support converting text, image, and video files with only one requirement, an email address.  After you upload a file for conversion, typically less than a minute later you will receive an email with a Zamzar website link that you use to retrieve the converted file.  Make sure to retrieve the file quickly, it's only available for one day before being deleted.

Images from Microsoft Clipart