Cooling Off

It’s summertime in Houston.  And that means one thing: it’s hot.

It’s REALLY hot!

I’ve lived in Texas a long time.  Every year I'm probably like a lot of people who think, “I'll never get used to this!”  And, yet, we do seem to adjust – however little bit – to summer temps.

Of course, it’s nice to just get somewhere with air conditioning and have a cold drink and think cool thoughts.

And to that end, may I suggest some films that might help.  A list of movies and TV series set in colder – even bone-chillingly colder – climes.  Or maybe there are just some very memorable moments set in wintertime.  They’ll either make you feel a little cooler – or make you glad you don’t have to put up with that kind of weather here in Houston.


Baby Boom
The Day After Tomorrow
Doctor Zhivago
Edward Scissorhands
Groundhog Day
Grumpy Old Men
Murder on the Orient Express
New in Town
Northern Exposure
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


Family Fare and Some For Younger Kids

Happy Feet 1 & 2
Harry Potter series
Ice Age series
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
March of the Penguins
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Flickr: CC          : A Ride in the Snow          Photo by Dave Lawler