Copy, Paste, and Print!

 Does your child ever have a school report that requires a trip to the library? We just wanted to let you know that we're here for you. We have had a number of children in this past week asking for assistance.

Whenever your child has a school report that brings you to the library, we have the following recommendations:

-Please try to come at least three days in advance of the due date. While we love last minute chaos as much as anyone, it can't hurt to come in sooner. 

-Keep in mind that our computers will log off about ten minutes before we close, so what seems like an hour, is really only going to be about 45 minutes..

-Black and white copies are ten cents each and color costs 50 cents. Color copies will also require extra assistance on our part, so please plan accordingly with the time.

-We promise to get really excited and make a big deal over every child who comes in to do their work several days ahead of the deadline! :)


We are glad you and your children are coming in to visit us! Please keep coming and see below for some online homework resources:

HCPL Databases 

Homework Spot 

The Beehive School (English or Spanish)

For reviews on these and other great homework sites, including the ones that ask for a small fee, click here.

Or, you could simply go on a crusade against homework, like this kid, here. :)

We hope to see you soon!