Crafting for Adults-Basic Sewing: Hem & Button

Photo of sewing supplies by Irene Cantu.Are your skills in sewing a source of embarrassment? Mine are to me! Ms. Irene is here to fill in the gaps of what some of us did not learn about sewing on the path to adulthood.

In this first session, you will learn how to sew a button and hem a garment. Even if you already have a little knowledge about these skills, this class will help you learn new tips. Irene is an excellent and patient teacher! During this session, she will ask what other classes are desired in the area of basic sewing. 

The class is Saturday, March 3, at 10:30 am. Free. All materials supplied. For ages 18+. Registration required. Please call 281-471-4022 to register or email Irene at