Creative DIY Bookshelves

ladder bookshelvesTake a look at 25 creative and fun bookshelves you can make at home.  I love #3 (pictured right) and #4, the ladder bookcases. I'm thinking you could probably spray paint the ladders to have them blend in with the color scheme of your home or you could try to find ladders that would coordinate with a specific design theme. Maybe old wooden ladders for a western/country feel or shiny, silver aluminum ladders for a more industrial design. I also love #24, the stacked benches. Genius! And don't even get me started on #23, spice racks attached to the side of a dresser. Love it!

On the downside, I'm not crazy about #3, the bookmark shelf. I just keep envisioning a clueless family member or friend (probably me) not noticing the bookmark when it's unoccupied and running right into it and taking out an eye. 

Checkout all the bookshelves on BuzzFeed, 25 Awesome DIY Ideas for Bookshelves. What's your favorite bookshelf idea?